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I have a 25 minute commute to and from work, so I've been listening to podcasts the past several months while I drive. I'm a big fan! I mostly listen to political podcasts, but recently I've been brushing up on my Spanish with Language Transfer.

I'm a huge fan of Worldly, which is a weekly podcast on political events happening around the world. The second half of each episode usually tackles something lighter and interesting, so I'm not horrifically depressed for the entirety of the show. The hosts are interesting to listen to and good-humored, much more so than a few of their fellow Vox podcasters.

I'm less of a fan of The Weeds, a U.S. internal policy podcast that airs two episodes a week or so. You can pick up a hint of Vox's liberal bias in Worldly, but it's even more evident in The Weeds. Regardless, it's still the best "deep dive into a recent development that affects our lives" podcast that I've found thus far. My thoughts on the hosts vary. While they're all insightful, whenever Matt starts questioning something his voice gets high enough to shatter glass. Anytime someone disagrees with Ezra he has a hard time not making it a focal point. My only complaint about Sarah is that I wish she spoke more than the other two. Her excitement about tedious healthcare policy details gives me hope.

I already mentioned I'm starting Language Transfer's Spanish series and I'm a big fan so far. I don't know how it will be for those who don't already have some experience with the language, but the teaching method is pretty damn good imo.

Occasionally I listen to Pastor With No Answers, which is exactly what you would guess it is. A relatively low quality weekly podcast by a less than charismatic pastor from somewhere back east. Not the best material in the world, but it's really refreshing to hear a variety of christians and non-christians talk about their struggles with clinical depression despite their beliefs, and not pretending that they have any concrete answers to literally anything. Subject material mostly revolves around conversation with people with different backgrounds that have had a variety of experiences in the american christian church.

So yeah. What do you guys listen to? What am I missing out on?


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My favourite podcast is the Hello Internet podcast, hosted by youtuber CGP Grey and fellow youtuber Brady Harren. Both are educational youtubers, and so the tone of the show reflects that, however over the years they've definitely loosened up a bit. It's a self described two dudes talking podcast, can be about everything and anything, though it's definitely self-referential at times (but you'll pick it up quick.) It's basically the best podcast to listen to aimlessly, since it can make you laugh, insight the mind, and keep you up to date on some world events (Especially plane crashes).

Otherwise I'll probably be listening to a comedy podcast called The Aunty Donna Podcast, which is a combination of the best and worst podcasting i've ever heard in my life. They have a history in stage acting, youtube success, and focus a lot these days on their live shows. When their improv strikes a chord, it's amazing, but they also semi-recently had a trend of referencing domino's non stop for about 4 or 5 episodes which put me off for awhile. Definitely some bias towards Australianisms, but I really think they're worth a shot, they have fans around the world for a reason. Episode 59 with Daniel Sloss is a fucking highlight from memory. Ben Russel is also usually a good guest if you want to cherry pick episodes.

Unfortunately TC I struggle to listen to serious podcasts, Especially political ones, despite the fact that it's 100% up my alley. I'll have to stick to reading articles while on the pooper.


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I'm actually a pretty big consumer of podcasts, though I doubt you guys would take well to the ones I listen to. My favorite right now is called "The Morning Kumite". It's part of a relatively new genre (if you can call it that) of podcasts called "bloodsports" where they take a couple people who hate each other and have them debate. And by debate, I mean they hurl insults and ad homs at each other for an hour or so. It's great.

Here's one where one of my other favorite YouTubers, Mister Metokur, argues with a pedophile:


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@Colonel Thunder , what'd you think?
Also the latest episode of the Aunty Donna podcast features a fantastic New Zealand comedian Guy Montgomery and a quest to save one of the aunty Donna members from being trapped inside the body of a vegan chicken nugget.


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1) Ludology - Board Game design podcast with interviews and deep dive discussions into different genres of games or game mechanics. Hosts are Gil Hova (Formal Ferret Games) and Geoff Englestein (Space Cadets, The Dragon & Flaggon, Trade on the Tigris).

2) Designer Notes - Soren Johnson (Offworld Trading Company, worked on Civilization) interviews various video game designers, going longform and talking about their entire game design careers and what got them started.

3) Breaking Into Board Games - Like Designer Notes, except focusing on people in the board game industry and how they got into it.

4) Board Game Insider - Recent board game industry news with Stronghold Games and Portal Games, two leading board game publishers, as hosts.

5) Run Last Click - Android: Netrunner podcast, with hilarious hosts and the fan fic legend of JOHN HACKMAN

6) This American Life - Standard. Good stories about various different things.

7) Snap Judgment - Better stories, with immersive ambient background music. One interesting recent episode to checkout - The Black Klansman
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'Sneak Attack' is the first D&D podcast to really grab me. A good balance of banter, role playing, and an incredible dedication to making in character actions to the major detriment of everything. It took awhile for the podcasters to get comfortable but it's really great after the first few episodes.


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The Angel of Vine is the first non-gaming Podcast I've listened to and so far it's holding my attention. With a total of 4 episodes and a total listening time of around 2 hours, it's easy to invest and immerse yourself in its atmosphere for 25-30min chunks. Its quality is better than most audiobooks I've listened to and I'm hoping this continues with the rest of the series.


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To chime in,

Not Another D&D Podcast - Done by Headgum/College Humor folk. Great D&D podcast.

Dungeons & Daddies - D&D podcast done by Rocketjump. Really fun isekai idea and it's a blast.

Story Break - Done by Rocket Jump. They take games and the two writers break down how they would turn it into a movie.
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