You Laugh You Lose

Colonel Thunder

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Yes I'm stealing this idea from elsewhere.

Post content (within spoiler tags!) whether it be pics or videos, if videos the shorter the better. If you audibly laugh at someone's post, admit that you did by liking their post. The person who posts the funniest thing gets a prize or something.

I'll be doing a stream in a few weeks or so where Blooky and Zach and I look at all the content at once, and if any of us laugh that person has to donate a dollar to some charity or something like that. Point being, I'll be deliberately avoiding this thread for a few weeks, but I'm counting on you guys to put a dent in my wallet for charity, and to get some laughs yourself.

Thanks for participating!


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I haven't laughed yet, but I had to go ahead and pull this up. It's too good not to mention.

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