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  • I've been thinking of trying to make a forum event, I have been having trouble thinking of what it should be though.
    I've been bored recently, I think I might try and learn how to use Unity and make a tiny game.
    I'm going to brainstorm some ideas for a CYOA story, and maybe look up proper writing and story structure.
    I kind of want to try doing a forum rp or cyoa since I have way too much free time, not sure if I can write good quality content though.
    I finally managed to get myself to do my homework, if I don't get my procrastination under control it's going to be my downfall one day.
    Well Druby's at his military thing so I'm not sure if Shizno wants to continue the thing until he has regular internet access.
    I kind of feel like creating a forum RP or CYOA, but I don't want to forum to become over-saturated with them.
    I read a 208000 word fanfiction in three days. I have a problem. Why is the internet so distracting.
    I don't think I have Apotheosis, Isn't that dlc? Started a new run, Chrom gets crit by random bandit on first level.
    I love the gray shade of the clouds in winter and fall but I feel like the lack of vitamin D has left me in despair more often.
    Well my past two avatars were both from TWEWY, the first was a blue megaphone and the second was neku as a cat.
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