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[CLOSED] Threads and Posts Disappearing.

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Threads and posts have been disappearing from the server. The previous thread mentioning this had disappeared. The single time that I was able to observe it was caused by the database failing to be updated prior to server reboot doing fuck if I know. I've looked into the issue and believe that it has been resolved. It does appear that users are concerned that it has also happened prior to the aforementioned occurrence. I'll continue to monitor the forum.

It would appear that posts that had gone missing have reappeared in their appropriate threads.

Thank you for your patience during the forum's downtime. Several other issues were resolved during the maintenance period.

You may go about your business as normal.

Edit: Since the forum is reading the database changes I made, the emoji I implemented reappeared. :thinking:

[CLOSED] The Donor Color Debate

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I'm thinking of having donor's of the top tier have a username that's colored. Suggestions?

Gold but with sparkles!!! Gold Blue Orange Purple Dark Red

The Upgrade to XenForo 2.0

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We've upgraded our forum software (XenForo) to 2.0, a major upgrade from the last version. This means that we've jumped through a year's worth of updates bringing with it the security and features that we've been missing out on. Unfortunately, in the time that we were last able to update a couple of our addons fell out of date and don't have newer versions. The ones that do however, I'll be working on getting installed and working over the course of the next week or so.

This is cool I guess?

Or at the least not nearly as atrocious as the old ones.

First Video in a Long Time

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Mach Entertainment's YouTube has a new video uploaded on it for the first time in a while. It's not the usual stuff either but I'm not sure I'd go as far as to call it better than a Let's Play.

No, worse instead it's a montage of a convention I went to.

Mach Entertainment Teamspeak Info

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Yo so RECONMaster's too lazy to get up so as his lackey here's the official TeamSpeak info for those interested!

the server url:

we also have a Discord but you probably knew that.

We tend to be really active in that server, so come on, let's make new friends!

Have fun my babies~

General Update Post

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It's been a while since we made the last news post, so long in fact that we've had several new members join and several others leave and in this community that means something. I digress, let's get to the news at-hand.

As the end of the year draws near and begins our Christmas cheer it also brings about the time of our license renewals. I've started a donation pool on the donate tab for it. To cover costs fully we'd be looking at $70. This covers the cost of our software and domain but not the server rental fee, that's still a monthly thing. I would like to thank those who donate in advance for their generosity.

Since there's still some space on this post I'm gonna go ahead and welcome the new members of the forum. Welcome to the forum! I hope you have all begin to settle in and have found some interesting threads. Let me just go ahead and endorse the RP board, I know there have been some issues going on in...

Videos and Dick (In That Order)

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single pixel.png

So this weekend we were going to be working on something different, but @lynexer had to be a faggot and wasn't around to help, so instead we just played GTA a lot. Maybe next weekend though!

Anyways, now for videos.

And now for some DICK!

The most famous dick on this forum in fact, bus.png!

XenPorta > Discord

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