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Wipe for the Minecraft update?

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Space Station 13: /TG/station 13
/TG/station 13 is a branch of Spacestation 13, a role based game where players are tasked with playing their part in keeping a Nanotrasen station running. However, it would seem that fate has other plans, with biological lifeforms of all types invading and traitors with hidden agendas do you have what it takes to survive the round?

Personally I enjoyed the game enough to host a private server just to mess around on with friends are you are all invited to play on it too. Don't know how to play? Don't worry, we have experienced players that are willing to teach you the roles to guarantee you'll become a robust player in no time! Basically in a nutshell, why don't we get into playing this game? @The Hound expressed that it seemed to be a good fit for our community and I couldn't agree more. I know we all have things that we're doing in real life but why not try to get a few people on every now and then to teach them the game and maybe one day we can have a proper round with most of us.

Minecraft but with BEES!!
Moving on, the update for Minecraft will be out soon and while the server will take some time to update, I wanted to get the community's feedback on how to move forward. The server has matured to the point that the only thing left is building and I know a few of us would like to start again with a fresh map for the update. After the update, we're going to roll back some of the plugins that had been put on the server because there's just a general disinterest in them and as such we're just going to streamline what we've got and move forward with a simpler version.

If we did wipe the map. We'd make a new one with some smaller borders as the current map is just too large but the staff would be okay with copying over some buildings to the new map as we'd hate to see your work go to waste. I know we're planning on copying some stuff over ourselves.

If you're interested in playing or learning TGstation 13, feel free to comment below and we'll figure out a time to play otherwise discuss!


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