The Upgrade to XenForo 2.0

We've upgraded our forum software (XenForo) to 2.0, a major upgrade from the last version. This means that we've jumped through a year's worth of updates bringing with it the security and features that we've been missing out on. Unfortunately, in the time that we were last able to update a couple of our addons fell out of date and don't have newer versions. The ones that do however, I'll be working on getting installed and working over the course of the next week or so.

This is cool I guess?

Or at the least not nearly as atrocious as the old ones.


Whoa. This is definitely a lot neater and smoother. I just miss the old skin, to be honest.

Thanks for the upgrade, Recon!
I miss the old skin too, not to say the new one sucks I think I like it better but at the same time it's something new.
Is the skin something we can change by slapping down our own .css files? If so I might have a play with it later, we could do community suggestions and have a preferential vote on it!

Sounds like an important upgrade! Appreciate it as always Recon!
Yeah, we can directly edit the CSS files. While this style is called Flat Awesome, it's actually just a recolor of the stock theme as Flat Awesome fell out of date about a year ago.
I definitely think that I'd like a different skin (though, while I miss the old one, I don't think I'd advocate for copying it). Look forward to seeing the add-ons and stuff that we get - personally, I'm hoping for a Streams tab again.

Other than that - much appreciated, Recon. Feels like things run better (though that may just be me), and the layout's pretty damn solid.
I'm liking how everything is looking so far. I like how we have the discord on the front page now and a few other things that are simpler to navigate to.
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