[CLOSED] Threads and Posts Disappearing.

Threads and posts have been disappearing from the server. The previous thread mentioning this had disappeared. The single time that I was able to observe it was caused by the database failing to be updated prior to server reboot doing fuck if I know. I've looked into the issue and believe that it has been resolved. It does appear that users are concerned that it has also happened prior to the aforementioned occurrence. I'll continue to monitor the forum.

It would appear that posts that had gone missing have reappeared in their appropriate threads.

Thank you for your patience during the forum's downtime. Several other issues were resolved during the maintenance period.

You may go about your business as normal.

Edit: Since the forum is reading the database changes I made, the emoji I implemented reappeared. :thinking:
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I swear the forum is haunted, posts that disappear and reappear of their own accord just ain't normal. There's gotta be some ghost in the shell or something. I swear it's gonna give me a complex.
Wait my beloved sweet prince is communicating with me from beyond the grave by causing posts to disappear? If that ain't dedication than I don't know what is. Ladies take note.
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