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  • That's pretty antagonistic, Dunsparce. The status updates are for informing Recon of tragedies, like Prince's death, not your antagonism.
    I think we'd all feel better about Prince's death if we played some of my Day Kill Madness Mafia. That's right, shameless plug. Come at me.
    Just solved a proof thanks to "McNugget Numbers". Fuck yeah, McDonald's is good for something other than making American kids morbidly obese
    I'm going to shamelessly plug the mafia game that will be starting Friday. We've got 9.5 people already and more will only make it better
    Check out the new Family of Bad People game in which we kill mafia using only the Ten Hundred Most Used Words![/shamelessplugforreals]
    I forgot this was here... Hey guys, you should play the Get the Cookie RP[/shamelessplug]
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