Apr 4, 1992 (Age: 32)


I find Salsy the dopest flyest OG pimp hustler gangsta player hardcore motherfucker living today. To be honest, I'm totally and completely on his dick.


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    Enviously Likable

    Received 100 likes across their messages. Either they have good posts or too many posts.
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    Knee Deep

    Received for posting 100 messages, looks like they're committed now.
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    Birthday Bash

    Received by visiting the forum on their own birthday.
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    More than a little Likable

    Received 25 likes across their postings on the forum.
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    2015 Best Looking Forumer

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    The Adventure Begins

    Posted 30 Messages.
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    The Good Guy

    Received by having a post to liked post ration of 0.5.
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    Posted content that has compelled someone to like it.
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    Popped the Cherry

    Posted their first message.
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