1. Kratoury

    Interest Gauging - Fate Shizno's / Dumb

    Hey, so how's everyone doing today? Don't bother responding, I don't actually care. I mean, I guess if it's a particularly interesting day you can tell me, but if it's just a typical day for you then I can't say I need to hear about it. ... Y'know? You're right, that was rude of me, go ahead and...
  2. Shizno

    [Literature] Shizno's Short Story Submissions

    The title's even better if you say it like Bane. Introduction Heya! Well, this was a product of me not sleeping at all and getting a weird idea at light 5AM, so let's see how this goes, shall we? You all know me as Shizno, an amateur writer that's widely considered as 'pretty alright'. But in...
  3. Kratoury

    Old Republic Blues

    Somewhere in Deep Space... The gentle hum of the Star-ship's engines was something that you simply grew used to when you spent any substantial amount of time in space. Most people simply didn't hear it, some even came to find it soothing. Either way, that hum had been the only thing tickling at...
  4. Kratoury

    Old Republic Blues [Star Wars]

    The Old Republic Terror sweeps across the outer rim as a vast conflict seems to be boiling up to a beginning. Already, several planets have been attacked by invading Mandalorian forces, and the Republic is preparing for all out war. Many wait with baited breath for the Mandalorians to be...
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