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Just some good 'ol fashioned public mockery. Try it yourself!

@Rondait :

-how to fall from heights without getting hurt
-best helmets under $20
-best helmets under $20 that aren't green and make me look like a leprechaun

@Tirin :
-tip of pen in dick feels good
-how to stop dickhole bleeding
-how to have sex with self with pen in both dicks
-how to make Easy look foolish in a debate

-best protein powder
-best protein powder not made by Czech scum
-how to make fun of Czechs without sounding kinda racist
-how to make Tirin look foolish in a debate


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@Colonel Thunder

- How to Update Website
- How do I fix %20 issue?
- Internet forums are on fire.
- What should I be protesting?


- What to do when being threatened?
- How do I protect my loved ones?
- What is the average flight length from Oregon to Hawaii?
- How do I support a streamer more?

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@The Hound

- creatine supplement minus diarrhea
- is creatine legal
- is creatine cheating
- how much creatine must i take to lift as much as arnold schwarzenegger in his prime


- what is nihilism
- am i a nihilist
- is nihilism wrong
- most nihilistic heavy metal subgenre

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i understand all the references except shoulder porn, i don't know what's going on there
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