Ended 2018 Mayoral Campaign Forumafia (Coolpool Elected Mayor. Everybody Wins.)

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Theme of this one is the mayor campaign. All the roles will be forumers. No gimmicks or complicated mechanics this time, just straight mafia with some fun flavor. Doesn't mean I won't be a little creative with some of the roles, but no added bells or whistles like Power Levels, Ultimates, Grimm, Stats, etc. For reference, this is a mafia-based wiki a lot of us used way back in the day. Anybody looking to get their feet wet(ter) by all means use it as a resource like we did for the sake of figuring out what roles may be out there.

Should be a fun time. Gonna try and put some good humor in here. Put your ins in, fam.


-Day Phases will last 3 days or so. Will give short extensions if necessary to tie up a bandwagon, but a deadline forces decisions and 3 days a day phase is fairly reasonable. Consider it a mostly hard limit.
---Day Phases will, naturally, end prematurely if a player earns enough votes to get lynched.
-Night Phases will last 1 day, no exceptions. Maybe like a day and a half depending on my schedule.
---Keep the night talk limited and not too substantial. Reacting is fine. Get your scumhunting in during the day phases.

-Show up and play, dorks. Seriously, inactivity sucks and kills these things. Get at least 1 post a day phase in. "I'm not sure" and "I don't get this, can you explain why you think this is scummy" are perfectly viable things to say and anybody who gets on your ass about it because you're finding your footing can go fuck themselves.
---If, at any point, I must modkill for inactivity that will be prior to calculating a hammer order-of-operations-wise. Basically, if an inactive fuck means your bandwagon would hammer if they weren't around, it hammers now.
---If you know you're not gonna be too available for a decent chunk of the day phase, just say so ahead of time. Save everybody some grief with a "hey, I've got finals/a big paper/a masturbation-marathon and won't be around much for the next two days".
---Everybody is encouraged to call you out if they see you fucking around on Discord and ignoring the game. Consider this the exception to the general rule of "only talk about the game in-thread".

-Roleclaim away, but do not specifically copy from the PMs. You can claim names and powers at will.

-Ya Dead, Ya Dead. Don't talk. Get an "Ack" or "Fuck all of you" post in and call it a day.
---That includes post likes, unless it's a mod post or shitpost or something. Basically nothing that could indicate your support for one thing or another.
---If people want it, a dead chat by PMs can be arranged.

-Don't be a fucking dick. This is a game. Have fun with it.

Players (2/9)

Dunsparce - Coolpool (Jester): Survived and Elected Mayor
Anatron - Zircom (Lyncher): Survived
Tirin - Tirin/Danny (Juggernaut): Lynched on Day 4
Andy - Shadow (Savior): Killed on Night 3
TC - Jeroth (Beloved Cop Variant): Lynched on Day 3
Jeroth - Walrus (Universal Backup): Killed on Night 2
Bob - TC (Witch): Lynched on Day 2
Ro - Dunsparce (Tracker): Killed on Night 1
Easy - Blooky (Doctor): Lynched on Day 1


Day 1 Start
Day 1 End
Day 2 Start
Day 2 End
Day 3 Start
Day 3 End
Day 4 Start
Game End
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I'm surprised with this group that a masturbation marathon would count as a legitimate reason not to post. Seems like too likely of an accurance.


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/in conclusion, I wish every forumer good luck at the ballots this May and good health for the duration of our campaign to Make Tirin Lose Again!


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Heya, I'll /in.

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Roles have been sent out, so let's get this shit going.

The 2018 Mayor Campaign was underway, when suddenly catastrophe struck. Somebody was trying to ruin their opponents, and knock them out of the race. If not stopped, they will defeat all the competition and winner will be based on trickery and sabotage rather than the honorable and noble electoral process! This cannot be tolerated, and so various forumers have come together to stop these heinous acts.

There are 2 Mafia Members. There are 0 Serial Killers. Day One Start.


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Alright. I vote for Andy's propaganda posters to be mayor, and vote for Anatron to be lynched
I've gotta agree on those propaganda posters, Andy really went above and beyond on 'em.

I'm gonna say Lynch Ro3, however, because I don't know why he's going so ham right out of the gate. Even I usually occasionally show some tact on my first ly-

There is a 100% chance the TC role is mafia
Unlynch Ro3, Lynch TC. That "100% chance" (even though he's probably right) aside, this motherfucker's going down for the crimes against Mach he has committed.


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Appreciate the comments lads!

Gotta agree with Tirin here, the finger pointing has erected awfully quick. Not too sure where I stand on it. Tirin is being clearly cheeky with 2 lynches in the same post, standard day 1 shenanigans. Dunsparce's post is far more brief and potentially sketchy. Ro at least got the game moving so I'll give him that.


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---Everybody is encouraged to call you out if they see you fucking around on Discord and ignoring the game. Consider this the exception to the general rule of "only talk about the game in-thread".
I am all in favor of this rule.

Sorry for the delayed posting, lads. Long work day yesterday.

The bandwagon on TC has already formed with three votes of Tirin, Dunsparce and Bob.

I really want to jump on it because fuck, that last game was aggravating, but I don't want to leave that quick-hammer opportunity available for scum.

The beginning is terribly hard to really get a read on people since everyone can pull a "Lmao, it's just a prank, bro" as rationale for their actions.

For now, I'll toss a lynch on @Anatronman and a Finger of Suspicion on Tirin for not lynching him due to this comment:

I wish every forumer good luck at the ballots this May and good health for the duration of our campaign to Make Tirin Lose Again!

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I mean, that was a post before the game, jeroth. The reason I voted for anatron was to get activity going. It's actually very common in other mafia communities for the first half hour after the game starts to be filled with completely inane votes and reasonings behind them. They have a name for it, I just can't remember what it was.

It solves the day 1 inactivity problem quite well, I would have to say. Not only does it make people question you about why, but the person being voted for may defend themselves. That's why I voted anatron instead of anyone else. He's the kind of person who sits back and waits in mafia, and the only good way of getting reads on someone is if they talk.

But yes, let's get conversation going here. I would rather get a Lynch this day phase than not, but I would definitely rather be sure on my Lynch than random guessing or bandwagoning on someone who made a poop mafia game that is fresh on people minds.

Right now, I am leaning on the side of tirin not being suspicious and dunsparce being suspicious. There was a very distinct lack of reasoning or playful banter with it. It seemed more like jumping on the first person who said something that could (knowing this community) could result in a lynch.

I actually agree with TC. The TC role would likely be mafia. Bamboozling all over the place.
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