Ended Easy's One Punch Mafia (Signups)


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This is just a signup thread. This game will remain in the signup phase for at least a full week from this moment, and probably longer than that. Ideally, it will be able to move straight into opening game just after the preceding Mafia game finishes.

The setup of this game will be lightly role madness-y. The more players, the more custom power roles (which will, however, be substantially weaker than what's generally seen in multi-ability/limited-use role madness iterations). With a small number of players, (e.g. 9-12), the game will be essentially vanilla.

One Punch Man content will be used strictly for flavor. Knowledge or ignorance of One Punch Man content will not confer an advantage or disadvantage in gameplay or in-game interpretation of information/decision making. No plot twists will be harmed in the making of this Mafia game.

However, viewing/reading the series is recommended for players anyway, because it's awesome.

Hero Registry:
1. Whitetiger
2. Requiem
3. Tolvan
4. Jeroth
5. Stealthy
6. Andy
7. Rondait
8. Tim
9. Tirin
10. Tag
11. Lotus
12. Shizno
13. Coolpool
14. Null Hypothesis
15. Youma
16. Polly
17. Shadow
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Right Honorable Justice
Now that I'm back from vacation, I can potentially start this game. But first:

Everybody signed up here who's already in the Masquerade game: would you rather wait for that game to finish before starting this one, or start it now?


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I would prefer only one game at a time (or one regular game and one or two small games) but I'm good either way right now.
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