Netflix's The Dragon Prince

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Go watch this show.

Nine 24 minute episodes, from the guy who made Airbender and the Director of Uncharted 3.

The animation is a little wonky, but very unique. It took me less than 2 episodes to appreciate it.

I really like The Legend of Korra, but this show is truly, truly the spiritual successor to Airbender.

If the show gets renewed, the animation will be smoother and the seasons will be longer.

I would avoid looking up trailers/reviews before watching, since there are spoilers for the first few episodes in them.

Blooky and I are freaking in love with this series, and if you give it 3 episodes, you probably will too.

Discuss show here, using spoiler tags.

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Gonna be entirely honest, I was strongly considering watching this series because it gave me Avatar vibes when I watched the trailer and the reviews are good. I've got pretty high hopes for it and I'll be giving it a shot in the fairly near future.


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Obligatory "The Dragon Prince is great and you should all go watch it, then be sad when you binge through it in about four hours."

The animation really irked me for an episode or two, but you'll get used to it. There's some obvious Avatar inspiration, which I can conclude after now having started Avatar because of this show. I know, I'm a bad person for having never seen it. The episodes are short enough that just giving it a shot (with the knowledge that your eyes will adjust to the animation) is really a better use of your time than reading walls of text about why you should watch it, in my opinion.


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My weird theory is that the King's soul is currently inside his bird. I wanted Lord Viren to be a complex morally ambiguous character I could still cheer on, but then he ordered his son to kill the Princes.


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I think I got up to episode three or four?
I want to love the show, there's a lot I like about it, but I feel like it's being held back by those 'PG' moments. Be it corny dialogue or pulled punches. The fight scenes that were there haven't amazed me either. It might be nostalgia but I felt like The Last Airbender allowed itself to be a much heavier show, even if it just transitioned into that later on the fight scenes were fun, elegant and usually somewhat creative. I like the characters a lot, especially the absolute babe of a daughter the main human dark mage has, but I characters aren't enough for me to keep watching.

Ahh I still like the show a fair bit. Maybe it's just my mood, but i've gone the full other direction and decided to watch Attack on Titan, which is about as grimdark as you can get without going overboard (from what I can see). If my above criticisms are solved later on in the season I might give it more importance.

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It's definitely a little cheery. I'm surprised though. If you make it to the end of the third episode, shit gets darker than the first season of Airbender ever did.

The characters are definitely the best part of the show. The fight scenes aren't as dynamic as Airbender for sure, but the animation budget was slim given that this first season is basically one big pilot episode. They specifically said they wanted to improve that if they get a second season.

Thanks for giving it a try, anyways!


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Just so everyone knows, season 2 is amazing.

@AndyM03, I'd suggest giving it a try again, especially if you like Claudia, the daughter of the dark mage guy, Viren.
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