Ended Vanilla Mafia [ Mafia Win ]


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I've stolen the rules from @Steal Thy Kill - There's not any phenomenal flavor here.

I'm going to post the roles that are in play. No possibilities. There are set roles and a set number.


-Day Phases will last 3 days or so. Will give short extensions if necessary to tie up a bandwagon, but a deadline forces decisions and 3 days a day phase is fairly reasonable. Consider it a mostly hard limit.
---Day Phases will, naturally, end prematurely if a player earns enough votes to get lynched.
-Night Phases will last 1 day, no exceptions. Maybe like a day and a half depending on my schedule.
---Keep the night talk limited and not too substantial. Reacting is fine. Get your scumhunting in during the day phases.

-Show up and play, dorks. Seriously, inactivity sucks and kills these things. Get at least 1 post a day phase in. "I'm not sure" and "I don't get this, can you explain why you think this is scummy" are perfectly viable things to say and anybody who gets on your ass about it because you're finding your footing can go fuck themselves.
---If, at any point, I must modkill for inactivity that will be prior to calculating a hammer order-of-operations-wise. Basically, if an inactive fuck means your bandwagon would hammer if they weren't around, it hammers now.
---If you know you're not gonna be too available for a decent chunk of the day phase, just say so ahead of time. Save everybody some grief with a "hey, I've got finals/a big paper/a masturbation-marathon and won't be around much for the next two days".
---Everybody is encouraged to call you out if they see you fucking around on Discord and ignoring the game. Consider this the exception to the general rule of "only talk about the game in-thread".

-Roleclaim away, but do not specifically copy from the PMs. You can claim names and powers at will.

-Ya Dead, Ya Dead. Don't talk. Get an "Ack" or "Fuck all of you" post in and call it a day.
---That includes post likes, unless it's a mod post or shitpost or something. Basically nothing that could indicate your support for one thing or another.
---If people want it, a dead chat by PMs can be arranged.

-Don't be a fucking dick. This is a game. Have fun with it.

Players: 5/7

Dead: 2/7
Tirin - Killed Day 1
Thunderclaw - Killed Night 1
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Hmm... Seems like you're a little short on players, Jeroth. But don't worry, you can count me in, too.



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Sorry - I got home late, but I just sent out roles now. Please confirm here or in PM's and I'll start Day 1.
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