Ended Wholesome(?) Mafia: Mafia & Cult Victory, Req is Best Flavor

Who Best Embraced the Game's Flavor?

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  • Req

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  • Tirin

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  • Andy

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Colonel Thunder

Renowned Blunderer
This is a mafia game where standard rules apply, with some fun flavor.

Phase Time

Without a hammer, day phases will be ended in 72 hours. Players may request an extension if there is ongoing discussion.

Night phases will have a maximum duration of 48 hours. I will not necessarily get on your case about submitting an action during this time; any failure to send in an action by the 48-hour mark will result in a no-action for that player.

Role PM's may not be quoted, but can be paraphrased. Very general summations like "doctor," "vig" etc. will be permitted.


Day-talk is unrestricted, barring specifically mentioned exceptions.

Night-talk is allowed, provided that:
  • No player makes two consecutive posts at any time during the night, and
  • Any post made during night phase is limited to 20 words or less in length. Images, GIF's, videos or other media containing more than 20 words of substance will be treated according to transcript.
Talking about the game to any forumers outside of specifically approved channels is always and absolutely disallowed.


You must bold your lynch vote for it to count. i.e. Lynch Whitetiger

Post Edits

Editing your own posts is allowed at any time. If you wanna risk getting called out on an edit, so be it.

Editing another player's posts is in no way allowed, ever. If you wanna risk me modkilling you, so be it.

Flavor Rules

This game is for cute and wholesome behavior only.

Toxicity is not permitted in this game.

Players should always lynch the most toxic (or least wholesome) player unless significant evidence suggests they are innocent. This rule is open to interpretation.

The game can end under a variety of circumstances.

Players (1/8):
Anatron - Mafia
Jeroth - Toxic Player
Stealthy - Townie
Blooky - Townie
Req - Townie
Tirin - Townie
Andy - Townie
Dunsparce - Townie
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Count me in. I'm the most wholesome motherfucker you'll ever have the privilege to meet.


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Typical TC screw up. That's eight players by my count, unless Stealthy told you elsewhere that he's not playing.


God-Emperor of Tealkind
I'm pretty sure that I'm not allowed to play this per rules and have no chance of winning unless I get a Jester role, so uh... yeah.

...is there gonna be a jester, TC?
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