Ended WeeaPoop Mafia: Mafia Victory

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The Ten Eleven Six Commandments of Shadow's This Stupid-Ass Mafia Game
  • Do not piss off the GM.
  • Do not argue with the GM.
  • Do not be a jackass.
  • Do not talk after death, unless you're just making funny comments. No helpful posts
  • Do not quote PM’s when roleclaiming.
  • Do not self-lynch.
  • Do not talk about the game outside of the game thread, unless you ask me for special permission and have a good reason.
  • Do not play against your win condition, unless that's part of your win condition.
  • Do not claim that another player is your scumbuddy.
  • Do not edit posts
  • Do not edit other people's posts, Tirin, unless your edit is objectively funny.

Other Rules
  • This is a very lighthearted game for obvious reasons.
  • This is a Poop game. It's role madness but underpowered and done in very poor taste.
  • Game will start on Day 1.
  • Day phases will have a soft deadline of 24 hours. If there is significant discussion, the deadline will be extended.
  • Night phases have a deadline of 24 hours, but the game's so small it should really just take like 2 hours.
  • Open discussion during night phase is allowed. Night-lynch jokes are welcome but don't do anything.
  • Bold your lynch votes. If a lynch vote is missed because it was not in bold, it's your fault.
  • Please Unlynch if you are changing your vote. And clearly state which player you are Unlynching.
  • If a majority lynch is not reached by the end of the day phase, a no lynch will occur, and nobody is killed.
  • If you have/will have limited access to a computer for whatever reason during the game, please inform the GM as early as possible.
  • This is a game mocking everyone in the last game. Try not to take things personally.
  • Have fun, mostly at others' expense, just don't be a super dick about it.

DO NOT ASSUME THINGS! If you have any questions about anything, please ask.

The game will end when ALL Town players or all Mafia have been eliminated.

Roleclaiming is allowed, but read your Role PM carefully in case there are special restrictions.

The roles will mostly be assigned via RNG.

The roles will mostly be assigned their alignment via RNG.

Lastly, priority in this game will be given to those who played in Coolpool's game.

Players (4/9):
Andy - Town OG Weeb
Dunsparce - Anatron, Mafia AFK
TC - Poop Master
Firedemon - Town Cop
Xander - Town Doctor
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I'm gonna /in before Dunsparce so I don't get preemptively kicked out.

Fuck you, Dunsparce.

Colonel Thunder

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Day 1 Begins!

It is Day 1 in Poop Mafia!

There are 9 players alive! 5 votes are re-

You are Xander, the Town Doctor!

Every night, you can target a player to protect them from death!

The doctor is possibly the most important Town role. So if things are ever looking bad for you, you should probably role-claim. Don't just accept death you jag. Role-claim.

The joke here is "Don't do what Dunsparce did in the actual game" in case that isn't clear.

You win if all members of the Mafia Circlejerk are killed.

Oh damn what a rough turn of events for the Town.

There are 8 players alive! Still, 5 vo-

You are Firedemon, the Town Cop!

Every night, you can target a player to learn their alignment!

However, during the day phase you much joke-lynch TC at exactly the right time otherwise the Mafia Circlejerk will somehow try to use it as leverage as to why you're suspicious. Don't ask.

You win if all members of the Mafia Circlejerk are killed.

7 players, 4 votes to lynch you get the point I'm going to stop talking beforemorepeopledie
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